About Kaboodlz

Exciting times are on the horizon – for the City of Detroit, for the music industry, and for our newly launched record production companyThe Kaboodlz Record Label!

The Kaboodlz Record Label has one purpose – to produce the kind of music that lives up to Detroit’s reputation as one of the prizedcrucibles of American pop music. The city’s musical identity is deeply rooted in the heydays of Jazz, Blues, Motownand Rock & Roll and has now emerged as the birthplace of exciting alternative rock acts, hip-hop heads, and techno outfits. Aftersome tough years of serious economic declineAmerica’s Comeback City is once again ready to roll, and The Kaboodlz Record Label is riding the crest of the wave! 

Owned and Operated by Detroit-native Tobias Erik PerryThe Kaboodlz Record Label is unique in that: 

▪ Our Hip Hop, RnB and Soul releases are exclusively limitedto vinyl-only 12-inch singles;
▪ Each release is a limited edition that will never be heard again in its vinyl format;
▪ Each has a unique album cover; and
▪ Each will bear the authenticity of a legitimate Detroit connection – whether it’s the musician, singer, production expert, or graphic artist

The Kaboodlz Record Label is positioned to become the most sought-after label in the music industry, and its singular magic lies in the fact that its heart and soul will always belong to Detroit!